Our team of designers and coordinators are experts in capturing the essence and vision of our client’s ideas to transform them into authentic designs with unique and fabulous details. Your wedding day should represent the story of your love in a way that is unique and tailored to your style as a couple. LAURUS not only manages the logistics of your wedding day, but we will also help you select everything from the perfect venue for your wedding, right down to the logistics from hotels, transportation, wedding day, since the day of your arrival until the day you return home.

Wedding Venue Out of the Ordinary

When choosing a location several obvious options come to mind — hotels for their packages and simplified logistics —  but if you’re looking for intimacy and exclusivity that’s where we came with our expertise, not only we own a few out of the ordinary locations in Los Cabos, we also have exclusive agreements with extraordinary venues such as beachfront Villas, lush tropical gardens and Sunset Monalisa that are like a canvas waiting to be painted and decorated to your style.

Undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when organizing your event is the location.

Gourmet Banqueting with Entertainment

LAURUS is the most prestigious banqueting company in Los Cabos, La Paz  & Puerto Vallarta with our highly trained team, we operate also as exclusive provider of the Convention Center of Los Cabos & La Paz and our recognized Chef Casiano Reyes had the honor of prepared special menus for the presidents of many nations during the G20 held at San Jose del Cabo in 2012.

If you are looking to offer an extraordinary culinary experience to your guests, then LAURUS is your only option.

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