/ December 15, 2018

Event Planning and the Importance of Décor

The Importance of Decor

People sometimes think that Event Planners are odd creatures and on more than one occasion it has been suggested that we have a scatter-cushion fetish! The truth is that the Décor at your Event does play a very important part.

This really is basic rocket science because people experience Events (as with all other things in life) with their senses. Taste and the Catering of your Event most certainly is another major factor for the success of your Event but Visual is King.

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The thing is that your Décor can be most memorable because it is bad and memorable because it is good – obviously for different reasons! Make sure you get the desired emotional reaction from the guests at the Event and you will have them in the palm of your hand for the duration of your Banquet/Corporate Function/Year-end-Bash/Milestone Party, etc.

Other than setting the mood, creating the ambiance and theme as well as the ultimate experience of your Event, the Décor also underscores the importance of your Event. An Event that is well put together with style, class and the right Décor shows the importance of the Event and will make your guests feel special.